The Clean Tech Aviation (CTA) is a Research and Development Organization that contains knowledge and experiences in Aviation and the Maritime industry. CTA consists of two companies CTA BV and CTA GmbH. CTA BV is located on Airport Teuge and with the engine duration test lab on the Energy Transition Centre (EnTranCe) Groningen. CTA GmbH is located on Airport Braunschweig in Niedersachsen Germany. CTA has under development a disruptive technical innovation that will not only save fuel costs for the Aviation and Maritime industry but also deliver a substantial reduction in C02 and NOx and no SOX in the atmosphere.

The founder of the two CTA companies former Air Force Officer and KLM Head of Training Ben Cappelle has been able to build a consortium with the professional aviation industry and Science Institutes that by its nature is capable of delivering a real solution to the Climate Change and save costs for the owners simultaneously.

The Clean Tech Aviation Consortium brings together an international Consortium with the certified skills and abilities to reach those goals, developing an international chain of network partners, each one sharing and profiting from the latest developments, building an expertise, business model and eco manufacturers, leading to a cleaner and better Aviation and Maritime world.

Our focus is on General and Business and Transport Aviation – retrofitting the existing fossil aircraft engines and aircraft APU´s and design, develop a LNG Fuel tank on use and storage of LNG with a gasifier use of LNG and in the second stage a cryogenic energy injection combined with the combustion energy. Efficiency results of 35% are in focus and a substantial reduction of CO2 by 25% to 88% ! and 98% lower NOx and zero Sox exhaust pollutions. Our Maritime focus is on designing and developing a hybrid APU engine working on LNG and supplying electricity power to the on board electro engine on inland shipping vessels.

 – CTA has found the solution for tackling these problems and also provide you with the people planet profit advantages: for all parties involved. –