Identified Current Challenges in the World of Aviation

The world of Aviation is under permanent change and becoming an even more interesting market for the business world of Banking and Investment……

The number of activities in the world of aviation is rapidly increasing.  Due to a rising interest of air activities, both: passengers and cargo, there is an increasing demand for: airports, airplanes pilots and fuel. But due to the pressure on us, the need for innovation: the development of new strategies, tactics and instruments to make and keep ‘our planet’ healthy and alive is enormously great and even increasing day after day…. Also the current ways of availability and the distribution of fuel, as well as the lack of reliability on constant fuel prices bring many unstable market-price related situations.

Besides: the Aviation industry suffers already for a longer time with low margins and up to 70% of the operating cost are produced by fuel costs. Reducing carbon dioxide in aviation is the profitable and legal right thing to do and also obligatory by Law.

Impact Globalizations on World Air Transport

In the aviation industry, the segment of GA and BA have been overlooked with the green flight requirements and: even today: still fly with upgraded gasoline fuel containing, lead and fossil Diesel and Kerosene does all contribute seriously to our Global Air Pollution and Global Warming. This can be stopped or at least reduced…

Clean Tech Aviation Mission

By providing and applying new sciences, techniques, services and products on the existing aviation aircrafts and Maritime inland vessels in use, while reducing costs and the environmental footprints simultaneously , developing a total new industry, serving the three P’s : People, Planet and Profit.